Rise of the Runelords #36: The Nightsoil Marauders

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party allied with the goblin who had tried to rob them. They find out she was trying to join a goblin gang called The Nightsoil Marauders, based in Magnimar’s sewers. The party smells loot and goes in. -GM

10th of Neth, 4707 AR

Deryyl Day is still stuck on the sewer ooze and is dying. Sylandia jumps in to help him but takes a bunch of damage. Chtanmuch, which is a lotus leshy monk, is introduced to the party followed by a goblin which Jail crit one-shot 360 no scope yeetisdeleatised.

We kill the rest of the goblins and find our first couple of bugbears and alchemist which hit us with a fire potion so we kill them. Then we go into a lock-picking room where Brennan summons a cabin.

We try to heal and get ambushed by a bunch of goblins…

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