Age of Ashes #62: Ambush Phase

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party, after liberating themselves from the Scarlet Triad slavers, sent the prisoners back to Kintargo with Laria Longroad and proceeded toward the Scarlet Triad base, stopping in the river town in Whiterock on the way. They befriended locals, fought giant birds, and volunteered to find out what was stopping travel along their southern route from the direction of the mine. They hear an enchanting song in a swamp… (-GM)

8th of Gozran, 4720 AR


I follow the party members, entranced by the strange song into a swamp, which restricts our movement. A few feet into the swamp, I see the creature producing the noise — a hag-like creature with greenish skin and incredibly long hair, which Ike recognizes as a rusalka.

As he tells us, the rusalka attacks! It wraps us in its unnatural hair, trapping us and shaking its head…

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