Hardcore Monk Part 1 – Using Everything I Know

The Order of Syncletica

Thanks to the new friends in my guild on Ghallanda and their past gameplay prior to joining me, I decided to try something new.

I’ve joined the Hardcore server for Season IV.

Almost immediately in after character creation, all kinds of anxiety and paranoia crept into my head. Some of it I couldn’t fully understand until one of us had an untimely (and, naturally) permanent death with their bow-wielding Rogue in the Borderlands.

But let me back up to my strategy, such as it is.

Petracletica, the Ninja

I suspect many players put defense as a secondary priority over sheer killing power in normal server play, and that’s understandable.

But from what I can gather in Hardcore mode, that’s not nearly as easy an option. For those unfamiliar with the basics of Hardcore, here’s a two sentence summary: You get one life. Die, by any means, and that character…

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  1. Other non-divine classes have similar limitations, of course. I m just working with what I know. And, point to point, a low-level Ninja Spy can outrun and outgun many others at their comparative level, I feel. Everything I know and tried to teach or relate about Monks is coming to the fore for my party to survive to level 20, at the least. (Work on the updated guide does continue, by the way.)

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