Zhaneen: Embers

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Me and the boys tagged along with a group of 13 Chaos town burners–we had lots to learn, and so it sounded right. We founded ourselves walking day and night to reach the target: Ichville. The town had already been sacked hard by a previous legion, so we would catch it on the rebound to show lightening does strike twice in the same place. But where the sackers only took possessions and horses, we had come to burn the town into oblivion.

“Begin with torches,” our leader, a minion named Xos, pointed out several abandoned buildings. Xos had nails driven into his head, most likely directed by his visiting demon. Others in his army mimicked similar looks. One burned his face horribly sometime in the past, leering at us through the crust of crispy skin. Another had actual horns, and I could not tell if they were real, or something…

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