Boss Rush Banter: Do Strong Storylines Actually Drive Sales in the Gaming Market?

The Boss Rush Network

I’m a simple gamer, I put a game disc/cartridge in a console and my eyes are prepared to see an unfolding of a tale to play through. I learn of the game characters, feel around the game mechanics, and move forth through a grand adventure. Simple plots of a game like a villain wanting world domination or a knight wanting to rescue a princess are great and all, but what I really love is a game with a very engaging story with many twists and turns, that make the ending all the more rewarding, depending on the outcome. At times, I wonder what kind of stories can be told to keep the player interested in investing their time to go further in a game. I know most times it’s all about the game play and the graphics, but combining all of that with a great and engaging story makes for…

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