Boss Rush Banter: How Has Video Game Music Impacted Your Life?

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I first fell in love with music by playing video games.

When I was around three years old, as I was learning to cite common nursery rhymes such as “Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and “Knick-Knack Paddy-Whack” with practiced bravado, I would also hum the Super Mario Bros. “Overworld Theme” with even greater precision than I could speak my native tongue. Koji Kondo’s timeless soundtrack to Nintendo’s revolutionary platformer imprinted on me a joy for music, even if I didn’t know it at the time. My mom would try to sing along with me, making audible “do-do-doos” to the melody of the classic game, and I can remember angrily correcting her each time she missed a note in the way toddlers always do. I was passionate about my video game music.

It wouldn’t be long before I would fall in love with another of Kondo’s masterpieces–the “Title…

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