My PS5 Is Still In the Box Thanks To Game Pass

Uncle Chaws

My PlayStation 5 sits in its original box in the corner of my condo. It’s been that way for two weeks and probably for the foreseeable future. For all the good it’s done in the gaming industry, Sony has yet to release a program similar to Game Pass. And because of this, I often wonder if the console was worth buying.

I’m an early adopter of Game Pass, back when it felt more like a gimmick than the service it is today. I liked Game Pass because it mirrors how I consume content today – owning nothing and everything simultaneously. While many people balk at the idea of never owning a game, I’ve come to understand the appeal. I grew up gaming. If you visited my parents’ house, you would find boxes of old consoles and video games. And you know what – I never play my old games. Part…

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