Boss Rush Banter: Are Video Games Good For Mental Health?

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Depression. Stress. Heartbrokenness. Sadness. These words describe a lot of mental states people go through on a daily basis. Some people come to terms with their struggles, while others deal with such negative feelings for years. Although therapy is a helpful space and safe place for people, not everybody can afford to go or has the time to see a therapist. There are people who try to cope or tell themselves their struggles aren’t a big deal, but others around them can see the effects of these issues. For gamers and non-gamers, it seems that video games are playing a part to ease and help with people’s difficult emotional states. Do games solve the problems? Not entirely, but they do help.

For some people, for example, job stress is a big factor in their mental health. Making sure things are intact, being yelled at on a consistent basis, dealing with…

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