Shattered Star #36: Embracing the Lie

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

When we last left our heroes, a cryptic puzzle stood between them and the Shard of Lust and its “Runelord” guardian. –GM

6th of Sarenith, 4712 AR

ladys-light-3Embrace the lady and the lie, eh? This mundane request was proving trickier than initially anticipated. The lady was obvious: We’d seen her face in more than half a dozen paintings and had a life-size replica of her heaving her guts up in the boat a ways back. But who was the lie?

After thinking a little longer, Serpiente was struck by a rare flash of genius and realized that the Runelord of Greed would never willingly offer up a gift as shown in his statue! From there we connected the dots and activated both statues, teleporting us into a new, mysterious chamber. 

There we were greeted by a woman who seemed a little bit on edge. Claiming to be one of Gray…

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