Carnstein: There Shall be Blood

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Leoderic Carnstein, a lord in service to Prince Vlad of Sylvania. My sacred duty to the prince requires that I stay on watch always for his enemies, for they are many. This is what brings me to Mordheim, the ever growing menace of a Chaos insurgency.

Long have I watched those erratic, twitchers who react out of emotion rather than a long-suffering study of the enemy. But that is due to their spiritual ties to the demon lords from the aether. Yet there is one I seek to make my slave, one Zhaneen whose white-blonde hair drew my attention as I watched their engagements. Oh what wonders I could teach her by the chains of the still-chair, and the empty mystical bowels that seek her blood. Judge me not, for her privates will be hidden from me by iron fans and chain…

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