Why Sony won’t make a clone offering of Xbox Gamepass

Xbox Worlds

There’s ton of conversation lately on Xbox Gamepass and as a result some predictions and rumors about a Sony Gamepass are beginning to pop up everywhere. Today I’ll explain why they may do something about it but also cover why it won’t be anything similar to Xbox Gamepass.

The biggest thing to understand about Xbox Gamepass is that Xbox has been quite literally building everything they do to make Gamepass into their primary revenue source for the past 3 years. Nearly every architectural decision, partnership, funded games etc, have been about building towards gamepass. Lets take a look at decisions that were working towards this and take a long time to establish:

  • The total support of backwards compatability
  • The focus on pc gaming
  • The emphasis on game streaming to devices
  • The indie devs and programs they’ve supported through ID@Xbox
  • The major partnerships they’ve forged with huge publishers
  • Commitment to day…

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