Will We Have Conventions This Year?

The Nerdd

It’s been over a year now since the Covid shutdown began. Unfortunately, that also means that we are entering the summer season, which is also the concert/convention/live event season. We had no comic conventions in 2020, are we going to have any in 2021, or do we have another year to wait before we can gather in groups of thousands to celebrate our favorite fandoms?

There’s several things to consider, where it’s not just the actual health and safety involved, but also the price and planning.


So obviously, the first thing to talk about, is how many people have the vaccine. (Most) people want to wait until they have a vaccine before they go out, so it won’t make sense to have conventions until enough people have it in the first place. As far as the US goes, President Biden says “We are now on track to have enough…

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