Boss Rush Banter: Which Video Game Are You Embarrassed to Admit You Love?

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Traveling, especially internationally, is expensive. I am aware of my privilege to have visited Kenya, Australia, Italy, Russia, China, Egypt, and several other countries in my childhood. Fortunately, my parents paid a measly $3 and change each time the travel bug bit me, and they didn’t even have to drive to the airport.

How was this possible? By renting Mario is Missing! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System from our local Movie Gallery.

Yes, I am well aware many ‘90s children were disappointed when they realized this game marketed as part of the Super Mario Bros. franchise is actually an edu-tainment adventure. No princess in need of saving. No platforms to jump. No secrets to unlock. Simply assume control of Luigi, Mario’s milquetoast younger brother, and venture across the globe for clues as to where King Koopa has taken the more portly plumber (hint: make sure to bundle up).

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