How to Draw in New Players:

DDO Savant

In this post I’m going to address some of the issues of being a new player in Dungeons and Dragons Online, the good, the bad and what could be changed to make being a new player much easier, to start:

DDO’s Character Creation:
Customization and creative options is what makes the game amazing. As amazing as it is, this customization is super intimidating to new players.
Possible Solutions:
– Reduce amount of “Skills” i.e. Listen, Tumble, Intim, Diplo etc.
– Reduce amount of useless feats i.e. when is the last time someone built a build w/ slicing blow? OR a majority of skill bonus feats??
– Make premade builds WAY better then they are currently, the premade builds are super bad

More logical Tutorial system:
As fun and interactive the current tutorial is, Dungeons and Dragons Online definitely needs to help new players further explain how:
-Enhancement Trees work

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