Boss Rush Banter: Was April’s Indie World Showcase a Success?

The Boss Rush Network

This past Wednesday, we were presented with an Indie World Showcase livestream. It was jam-packed with approximately 20 minutes of content, and boy did I walk away with a handful of games to look forward to this year and beyond!

It’s no news that indie games have taken the gaming community by storm by providing us with refreshing content that seems to satisfy a thirst that’s hard to quench. The last Indie World Showcase was on 12.15.20, so it’s safe to say that Nintendo continues to support their fans by providing them with innovative and creative works of lesser known developers.

Did you think it was a home-run or a disappointing dud?

Firstly, I’d like to address the modality of these announcements (e.g. directs). In an increasingly digital and mobile world, players are primed to consume faster and demand more. Toss in some pandemic action as well, and we see…

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