What makes a build “Good?”

DDO Savant

To start I believe whatever you have the most fun with and accomplishes your individual goal, is a successful build. With that being said, some builds are typically better then other builds by design. If you are just starting Dungeons and Dragons Online – you begin with what is called a “28-Point” build or a Adventurer, this character until reincarnated in some form, will always be technically a tad bit weaker than its predecessor in Champion (32-Point builds), noticeably weaker than Hero (34-Point Builds), and obviously no-where close to Legend (36-Point Builds).

Don’t be discouraged in this though, as you can only achieve Hero, and Legend builds by True Reincarnation of your character. This is a form of resetting your characters progress in return for becoming a stronger character, DDO’s way of making the game endlessly fun and challenging!

The point system, while having some sway in how strong a…

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