MCDM’s Illrigger Preserves and Pushes 5e Design


This week, Matt Colville’s MCDM Productions released the official publication of the Illrigger, a custom class originally designed by Colville and inspired by MCDM Producer Anna Coulter’s request for a Hell Knight of Asmodeus for their actual play campaign, The Chain of Acheron.

It’s very good. The style is crisp, the art is beautiful, the narrative is robust and evocative, the design is interesting and interlocking. Each of the subclasses has a strong identity: the Painkiller is the tank, the Shadowmaster is the skirmisher, and the Architect of Ruin is arcane. Beyond multiple subclasses, there’s Colville’s signature story introduction, a stat block for a named NPC from Colville’s world, retainers for each subclass and new spells. All 120 stars.

Let’s focus on two facets of the design:

  • one that legitimizes classic 5e design principle that’s being abandoned
  • one that explores new ground for mixed martial spellcasters

Modifier-Based Features

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