Sony Couldn’t Possibly Be Obsessed with PS5 Blockbusters, Could They?

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Sony has been receiving a lot of attention lately with regards to their apparent realignment of focus on production and releases. Over the past few months, small news bits have been coming out that Sony does not seem to care about any type of development past their already established critically acclaimed blockbusters. The PlayStation 5 is barely 5 months old, but this narrative keeps getting louder as the days march on. But what is the real deal?

A recent article from Bloomberg tries to shine the spotlight on to the fact that Sony is
throwing all of their talent by the wayside just so they can keep chugging along with titles like God of War, The Last of Us, and Uncharted, but a deeper look into that article reveals Schreier’s true focus was writing about the people and talent departures from Sony, and not so much the…

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