Beginner Guide to “Saves” in DDO

DDO Savant

Saves in Dungeons and Dragons Online are a crucial point of every character. In DDO there are 3 forms of saves; Fortitude, Reflex and Will, each protecting you from a different form of danger. While saves sound simplistic, they are actually a massive portion of how your character will survive throughout your experience in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

What does each save do?
-Fortitude: Protects you from most abilities that directly affect your characters health, this includes a majority of instant death spells, poisons and diseases

-Reflex: This determines how agile your character is, how likely it will be to negate a trip, a trap or even a powerful Area of Effect (AoE) spell that would otherwise damage/kill you

-Will: Non-damaging spell resistance. Majority of the time will is used when your character is attempting to save vs being held, hypnotized, or controlled in some way via a spell


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