Boss Rush Banter: When Playing Games, Have You Experienced What Experts Call “Flow Theory”?

The Boss Rush Network

You just dropped onto the map on Fortnite, and within minutes you’ve racked up 10 kills, making it look easy. Or you ended a team deathmatch game on Call of Duty Cold War with well over 30 kills, and you don’t really remember how you did it. Ever play Dark Souls and you practically “run” through each boss like it was nothing? Some people call that “flow,” and it’s a phenomenon that is well known in the video game world. So much so, that there are actual scientific studies on the topic.

A concept coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the 1970s called “flow theory” initially was intended to evaluate a state that athletes, artists, and musicians experience when they are fully dedicated to the tasks they are performing, which influences their continual participation. This concept was further studied in Thailand by university students, with respect to video gaming. They…

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