Hardcore Monk III – Less Paranoid and More Prepared

The Order of Syncletica

Since last writing, my Hardcore level 6 starthrower, Stelacletica, got one-shotted in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden, likely by a champ with very energized magic missiles. I had just got her gear and most other effects working except one, which was a big sad.

Of course, a dead character takes their inventory and equipped gear to the grave, which is problematic when you farm for something nice, only to find it buried for the duration of the season.

But unlike the last death I experienced, I felt more determined than depressed about it. And I really wanted a ranged character in Hardcore.

I revised and revisited my Zen Friar build. My original build (which will be in the revised Monk guide–its updates are about 1/4 done!) used a Wood Elf’s racial skills as a central tenet. In my first archer on Hardcore, the late Loreicletica was an Half-Elf instead to…

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