The Serpent’s Lands

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Serpent Wetlands
The Serpent Wetlands

The Serpent’s Lands / Serpent’s Landing is a small settlement where the Serpentine Tributaries join the larger Serpentine River. The whole region is one of slow rolling hills with marshy lowlands between them which are home to meandering streams and rivers that work their way south eventually spilling out into Black Sphinx Bay.

Serpent’s Landing takes advantage of the stonework left behind by the elves in the region – most of the structures incorporate elven stonework and on the north side of the landing, many are built up on “foundations” of a grass-covered fallen elven citadel which was once set to guard this particular area. Other elven ruins can be found in the forests with a bit of digging, and there are ancient stairs in a few places that make climbing the hills a bit more convenient.

Finally, there is the “Kalen Path” – a road so…

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