Universal Enhancement Trees in DDO

DDO Savant

Enhancement trees in DDO are the core of every characters specialization, allowing each player to really get exactly what they want out of their character; even if it means you want to play a spell casting rogue, there is ways to make it happen using Enhancements.

With that being said, there are currently (04/22/2021) five Universal Enhancement trees in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Each unique in their own ways, providing every character with more options then the standard class enhancements allow.

You may ask what is a “Universal” Enhancement Tree? Universal Enhancement Trees are enhancement trees usable by ANY class/race, meaning that not only do you have access to your class/multiclass/racial enhancement trees, but FIVE other enhancement trees; mix and match as you wish to accomplish your goal with your character. With that being said, the Universal Enhancement trees are SO unique in their own way, that…

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