Why Player vs Player in DDO could be a GOOD thing?

DDO Savant

Dungeons and Dragons Online is an amazing MMORPG to start, I wouldn’t change much about the game; the content in the game alone is enough for someone to endlessly play due to the brilliant reincarnation system that has been put in place. With that being said, the game lacks any form of competitive option; and while most will argue that DDO isn’t the place for player vs player (PvP), I will make a case for the few that say it does have a place in the game.

Yes, at its core, DDO is based off of Dungeons and Dragons, an amazing tabletop game that has lasted decades without fail, entertaining millions of people globally; with that being said, seeing DDO is an MMORPG it needs to add more to compete with other MMORPG’s then staying true to its tabletop roots.

Player vs Player is a system you can find in…

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  1. Theory aside; would like to see you apply some thought to builds and PvP options. For example, how do you get around 40k+ crits on Greater Ruin. Fight. Is. Over. 6,000 min, on 85% penalty.

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