Tomb of Namotos the Flawless

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Tomb of Namotos the Flawless (low-res promo)
Tomb of Namotos the Flawless (low-res promo)

Someone has found the location of the ancient tomb of one of the early emperors of Zorisz – Namotos the Flawless. This tomb predates the massive tomb structures of ancient Zorisz and is not built into one of the immense landmark pyramidal tomb structures of the late empire. The tomb was cut into the side of a valley, expanding on an existing cave that had been used by prehistoric Zorites for the quiet burial of their priests. These ancient crypts remain at the very back of Namotos’ tomb, although the ancient priests here were replaced with wax-sealed sarcophagi containing effigies of the elder priests.

Like many valleys in the region, the tomb valley resists scrying attempts – thus the team that found this tomb had to do it by exploring every nook and cranny and searching for sealed construction or secret doors. When…

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