Waterdeep: Dragon Heist – Session 13

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Our heroes break bread with the main villain of this season, Jaraxle Baenre, but the players are completely out to lunch.

Dragon Heist cover fullFour villains to choose from. Can you guess which one we’ll talk about today?

When last we left our heroes, they were on their way to have dinner with Zardoz Zord, the flamboyant and cryptic leader of the Sea Maiden’s Faire, a carnival that recently arrived in Waterdeep. Along the way, they ran afoul of very nasty drow elf, who shot up a local saloon with a pair of six-shooters. Yes, this guy has guns! And one player is determined to pry those guns from his cold dead hands. The drow also dropped a clue, a blueprint to an unidentified building, that will lead the players to an evil plan that needs to be stopped, but my players don’t care about that. They just want his guns!

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