Boss Rush Banter: What New Genre of Video Game Would You Create?

Role playing games, first person shooters, dating simulators, and educational games: these are just some of the video game genres we have come to love, despise, or mash up. There is so much content out there to categorize games today, but what if a new one came into the fold and changed gaming in general?

DNA Strands and textbooks

The genre I would like to create would be called “Bio-Behave”. Games that will help you understand the biology of human negative behavior. In this genre, you can learn about the negativity and toxicity in people’s attitudes; then your goal is to correct their attitude to something positive. Once you correct their attitude you then showcase the mental harm their toxic attitude had, and adjust the situation to show the person how to help others. Overall, you discover the science of disgusting attitudes from the human mind.

Of course, it would have other elements from…

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