Is the PlayStation 5 Worth Getting Right Now?

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Picture of PlayStation 5 set courtesy of Wirecutter

The PlayStation 5 released in November of 2020, but my husband and I just barely bought one! Between super high prices of $500 plus and how hard buying a PlayStation 5 is (due to everyone trying to get a hold of it), gamers may be wondering if it might be more beneficial to wait it out and buy a PlayStation 5 once its been out for a while. Here are my thoughts when it comes to buying a PlayStation 5.

There Aren’t Many PlayStation 5 Games Out Yet

Spider-Man: Miles Morales DLC Artwork courtesy of Gameslaught

My husband and I bought the PlayStation 5 mostly because a lot of games we’re interested in are going to be coming out on that console, such as “Horizon Forbidden West” and (hopefully) “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two”. However the most popular games aren’t going…

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