Boss Rush Banter: What is the Most Enjoyable Multiplayer Game of All Time?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 was the first time I experienced the greatest multi-player game ever created. I was one of a dozen or so people lined up for a midnight release of the rhythm based, music infused, party game that would create many memories for years to come. I was able to leave GameStop with the enormous box grinning ear to ear, holding the first game in the series Rock Band.

The game allows four people to simultaneously act out “playing” some of the most celebrated rock songs with plastic instrument peripherals, including guitar, drums, bass, and a microphone/tambourine. Each song allows 1-4 players to select their instrument of choice and time the color “notes” to the proper button input at the right time. If executed properly, the music track will play as intended, but for every note missed it goes against the band’s performance meter. If band member continue to…

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