Designing Dilemmas for Dungeon & Dragons

Grumpy Wizard

A dilemma is a choice between two undesirable alternatives. Dilemma is one of the most effective and frequently used tools in the story teller’s kit. However, it can be challenging to implement in a Dungeons and Dragons game. It is worth learning how to use dilemma in your adventure designs, despite the challenge.

The most important difference between a good adventure scenario and a bad adventure scenario is meaningful and interesting choices. Dilemmas are the some of the most challenging and interesting types of choices you can present to players. A properly designed dilemma will have your players squirming in their seats. A great dilemma will bring out an emotional response. A powerful emotional experience is what creates memorable events that players will talk about for years to come.

Dilemma in Stories

Dilemmas are the at heart of any conflict in stories of nearly every type and genre. The protagonists…

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