Rise of the Runelords #41: 美しい巫女

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing writeup, the party descended into the crypt beneath the corrupted temple to Sarenrae. There, held prisoner by an insane demon succubus, was a singularly gifted individual with the power to heal: the inimitable 美しい巫女. She tells her story. -GM

16th of Neth, 4707 AR

utsukushi-mikoOn my 180th birthday, a group of adventurers came to rescue me from the dungeon I have been held in for the past month. My time with the new group of adventurers — a group consisting of Jail, a machine master whose life choices I don’t quite agree with, Chtanmuch an uber-cute plant, Joe Mama who is a big fan of gun violence — the first thing I did upon seeing my saviors was blast searing holy light at my captor, a succubus who made me question my carnal desires which is weird ’cause I’m only 180 and she’s like 600.

After my…

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