I like new classes (and I cannot lie)


I’m a fan of having new classes to play in gaming, there isn’t such a thing as too many options in my opinion. It means I reactively disagree with statements like “we have enough classes already” when discussing MMORPGs – something that I’ve heard said a few times on notable podcasts covering the genre. It is also one reason why I’ve remained invested in Everquest 2 (26 classes so far), there is always another class I can dip into for alt-play if I’m bored with my main.

A low-level alt in EQ2

Recently, I’ve had a number of conversations around the lack of new classes to World of Warcraft: nothing new in the last two expansions, and only one new class since 2012. The obvious counter-argument to adding new classes is the ‘balance’ issue. While I understand the reasoning behind it, personally, I think all the newer classes…

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