Boss Rush Banter: Who are the Best Moms in Gaming?

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the amazing mothers in gaming. Often they are stereotyped as sending our hero off with the love and support that only a mom can give, but frequently moms are heroes themselves, standing toe-to-toe with the most fiendish of foes. Mothers can also be stellar villains in games, and often it’s their maternal instincts that makes them so formidable. Regardless of their role, moms rarely fail to prove just how bad-ass that they can be in gaming, and they deserve their time to shine.

Celebrating mothers in games is extremely important at this time. It is no secret that women are marginalized in the video game community, and female characters are almost always designed to be either damsels in distress or sex symbols. Female gamers need relatable characters that they can see themselves in; strong women, beautiful…

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