Tomb of Annihilation #44: Meeting Gods

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party druid, Groot, chronicles the party’s further adventures in the Tomb of the Nine Gods. (-GM) 

3rd of Flamerule (“Summertide”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

flameskull “Not A Dewbreaker antagonizes the cursed child mentioned in the inscription, and it turns into a terrifying flaming skull.”

As we continue exploring the Tomb, I admire my wonderful new snakeskin scale mail. It is the best armor I have ever worn in my life! Unfortunately, all things must remain in balance, and to balance my wonderful new armor, my animal companions do not want to follow me into the Tomb. I give them as many goodberries as I can in farewell. In addition, while we are in the Tomb I sense something strange. Perhaps it is the presence of the trickster gods tampering with the Weave in the Tomb, but I sense that my animal summons will no longer be predictable. This feels unnatural…

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