Isabel: Challenge

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Author’s Note: Isabella’s new days over on Ultima Evolution continue….strong.

After seeing the lay of the land, Isabella was darned sure that this parallel universe was closest to the first that she called home. But the ache was there. For example, go on over to Sorcerer’s Dungeon, and yes, vampires existed, but they were not the same progeny that begat her that November night so many twisted years ago. And that’s where the existential ache began. Vax was not tending bar. Alkozar was not mixing potion after potion, seeking for a cure; and Gabriel was not brooding over his necromancy by the fire.

But Drux and his female ghoul, Jarra were there.

“By the books, but you are one Isabella Volgotti,” Drux said, his long nails singling Isabella out in the dark. Problem, she thought she was stealthed; problem, she had no idea Drux was nearby in the shadows, nor…

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