Top 5 DM Experience Articles

JVC Parry

Five of my favourite articles from D&D’s Senior Story Designer, Chris Perkins.

First published during 2011 at the height of 4th edition (which of course I never played), the DM Experience is a series of articles from Chris Perkins talking about his home game, focussing on the lessons he learnt while running the games (sound familiar?). A fair few of these articles have been lost, but you can get many of them here. Many of these articles have useful information that can be applied to any roleplaying game, and all of them are great to read, but if you’re looking for a place to start, here are my top five!


In at number five is Popcorn, not least for the title. Most seasoned DMs, I assume, are familiar with the idea of a ‘minion’ – an otherwise normal creature with but 1 precious hit point. These creatures exist…

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