Rise of the Runelords #42: The Imposter Among Us

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

A half-elven barbarian named Axolle is avenging his kidnapping, and stumbles on the Skinsaw Cult at the same as the party… The party’s inventor/sorcerer, Jail, tells their story. -GM

16th of Neth, 4707 AR

JusticeIronbriar Justice Ironbriar

We continue our fight with the Skinsaw cultists and down the stairs comes Justice Ironbriar, our judge who led the investigation of the murdered priests. That’s when we then realize he was a leader of the Skinsaw cultists’ group.

He starts fighting us, and we fight for about an uneventful 2 hours. We almost kill him but he runs away like a fricken wuss and heals himself. Jail has a mental breakdown and Utsukushi Miko starts cussing him out. After about 30 minutes we knock him down to about 5 health, then HE RUNS AWAY AGAIN AND HEALS AGAIN. After a second mental breakdown by Jail, the party knocks him down to 3…

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