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All the tips, tricks, charts, links, and handouts that can help you run the world’s greatest Role-Playing Game: Dungeons & Dragons! (But can be applied to any RPG.)

DnD Original BooksAnd to think it all began with 3 little booklets written in a basement in Wisconsin.

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most enjoyable and original games ever invented. No other game is as creative, inventive and engaging as Dungeons & Dragons. Every game is unique and each session is custom-made to provide the maximum enjoyment for every player. And nothing is more fun and enjoyable than being the Dungeon Master. Nothing is as frustrating and aggravating as well, but that is a different topic.

Now I’m not here to convince you to play D&D or run D&D as the DM. I figure that if you’ve found this website, then you are down the rabbit hole already and are trying to…

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