Age of Ashes #66: Voz Lirayne Again, Again

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party mounts a daring raid to rescue their imprisoned party members. Joined by the abolitionist Laria Longroad and  the leshy barbarian named Twigs, they confront an old enemy. Twigs tell their story.  (-GM)

11th of Gozran, 4720 AR

Friendly Toss A “Friendly Toss” (Artist’s interpretation)

After hearing of the failures of past parties, we decided to attack swiftly. Stepping up to the cliff, a volley of arrows came down on them. Preparing his attacks, Ike gave me (Twigs) the signal. It was a very discreet signal, as in he asked to be tossed. Even the most skilled spies couldn’t have guessed he was in fact about to be tossed.

I grabbed him, and hurled him over the cliff in an impressive feat of strength. Landing, Ike made his attacks on startled archers.

The rest of us began to climb, much to the dismay of their opponents. We made short…

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