The Cull

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

“Traaaaiiiitorrrr!” the vampire said, falling like his ghoul only moments before. Too bad Isabella didn’t trust them. Sure, they gave her the bag of coins, but it was the stab in the back that she avoided. To be truthful, she had nothing in common with the vampires of Sorcerers dungeon. Non in the slightest. True, in the parallel rift just on the other side of this one, she had once had a home. But just because it all looked the same didn’t mean it was.

Isabella weighed the bag in her hand, shrugged, and turned her back on the grievous wounds of the kindred from another dimension. If it lived, it was because its hate for her was stronger than Death itself; if it succumbed like its ghoul did moments earlier, it was weak and so deserved the cull.

In the marketplace, she bought a new bracelet marked with runes…

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