Micro Exposition for Game Masters

Grumpy Wizard

Exposition in tabletop role-playing games is unavoidable. That doesn’t mean we have to make it boring.

If your campaign world is not this world, at this time, and in this place, there are going to be elements of your setting that need description and explanation. The players won’t know the milieu’s history, its major figures, its architecture, technology or much of anything. You will have to provide them with that information.

My elves are nihilistic cynics who consider humans to be chasing after shadows and illusions in an apathetic universe.

We can be just as obnoxious about our creations as players can be about their backstories.

Let me tell you about my campaign setting…

Here’s a quote I cited in a post about character backstory.

This is a skill science fiction and fantasy writers are keenly aware of, because they often have a great deal of information to convey that…

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