the Violet Chambers atop Kákri Midállu

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Violet Chambers atop Kákri Midállu (300 dpi promo)
Violet Chambers atop Kákri Midállu (300 dpi promo)

Looming over the Kanayugára River in the Chaigári Protectorate are the ancient worn mountain range that is home to Kákri Midállu Peak. Near the top on the northeastern side of the peak is a gentle cliff face that is home to these Violet Chambers. Because of the cliff face, the main way to access these ancient works is to climb to the peak itself and then descend via one of a couple of paths to the ledge where the entrance to the chambers sticks out of the soft stone mountains. The chambers within are very cleanly designed with a lot of curves and few sharp corners. The main decoration throughout is a 10.5 inch tall (2 Hói) panel on each wall just over 4 feet (1 Dháiba) above the floor that is entirely covered in Bednálljan Salarvyáni script. There is reason to…

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