Hell’s Rebels #35: Torment Beneath the Sea

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In three(!) missing chapters of our tale, the Silver Ravens cleared out the basement of the Lucky Bones and repaired its magical pumps, emptying it of water. This provides them with a secure hideout that links to the sewers and waterways of Kintargo. Looking for allies to support the rebellion, the party set out to the Dismal Nitch to help the village of aquatic elves who are dealing with a nefarious aboleth necromancer. The ghost of an elf asked them to return with an elven druid. Upon returning to the elven village of Acisazi, they were beset by another draugr invasion. They returned to the tunnel beneath the waves, the notorious Drowned Eye… –GM

15th of Erastus, 4715 AR

aboleth-menotheguroSo this really wasn’t going that well. Maybe the ghost was right about bringing a druid, or maybe this aboleth was a lot more threatening than we originally thought. Maybe we’ve…

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