Mobile Games can’t get No Respect


Intro to Mobile Games

The first mobile game I remember being obsessed with was Snake on my Nokia phone. We were all obsessed with this one back in 2000-2001. Eat all the apples and have your snake grow, but don’t eat your body and die. Snake came free with my first phone when I started high school.

My mobile gaming experiences have always been with simple games: Angry Birds, Tetris, Hearthstone, Mario Run and some word and puzzle games. I haven’t spent too much time with longer, story-based mobile games. I have always left my larger gaming experiences to my consoles — with a few on my PC.

I’ve always looked at mobile games as a “less than” gaming experience — I feel most console/PC gamers feel that way. They’ve always been the backup plan for when I’m stuck in a waiting room or bored with no…

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