E3 2021 Is Almost Here! Let’s Get Predicting!

Gamer Crash

I’ll be honest, it felt great to be able to type that headline again. I, for one, am thrilled that E3 is back again this year after the chaos of 2020.


Yes, I know it won’t be anywhere near the same as what we’ve typically gotten in the past, but being able to look forward to a big event again like E3 feels great. Almost normal even. Last year just didn’t feel quite right with all of the mini-events, last minute reveals, and announcements, so to have something big like this again feels right.

So, with E3 now right around the corner, it’s probably time to start predicting some things. I’m happy to say, that will start happening next week. We’ll hit all the big guys and try to figure out what may or may not be shown off and maybe touch on some third party content as well. With…

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