River Caves Beneath the Necropolis

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beachside Caverns (300 dpi promotional)
Beachside Caverns (300 dpi promotional)

Built along the south bank of the Ranánga River is Sokátis, the City of Roofs. The city’s necropolis is on the north side of the river, beyond the steep stony banks. There are a number of small caves along the banks – most of which are well known to the villagers of Tálesh Kü which abuts on the city of the dead. One particular set of caves reaches to the basement of an old mausoleum between ancient Éngsvanyáli pyramids. The pyramids have been left untouched, but a number of mausoleums and sepulchers from more recent eras have been torn down and rebuilt over the years coinciding with larger ditlanas* in Sokátis proper.

(For those not familiar with Tsolyani culture, with cities stretching back ten thousand years, urban renewal typically takes the form of tearing down much of the city and rebuilding it, often filling over…

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