DDO: The party to end all parties

Bio Break

It’s time to dig into the Fables of the Feywild quests, but after setting my spirit bind with Mr. Unicorn Beard here, I couldn’t figure out where the first quest was sending me. Ultimately, I had to hunt around for a map to the expansion, which did end up pointing me the right way.

The Endless Revels starts out with a party that’s been out of control for too long. Satyrs are raving nonstop in a comatose guy’s home, so it’s up to me to clear them out. I can already sense that this expansion is going to have me beat up a lot of mythical creatures, like the pixies and gnomes in this cottage, and I am cool with that.

While this quest may have a lot of combat, it’s actually structured a lot more like your typical adventure game. To get the satyrs to leave, you have to…

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