My very first experience with Dungeons and Dragons


I had always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons(D&D). It seemed interesting. Appearing multiple times in pop culture and some gaming channels I follow. I just thought I could never come across other people who played D&D or even had a remote interest in it. That was until a friend of mine asked me if he wanted to join his D&D sessions.

I have recently completed my first campaign of D&D. Well, a one-shot to be more accurate: a short adventure usually created for one session to help players get familiarized with the game mechanics. A veteran dungeon master(DM) made it to help me get familiar with how the game works. The name of the one-shot was:“Something’s Rotten in Ingland…”Where I played as a goliath fighter, together with an aarakocran monk and a half-elf warlock.

So how I learnt D&D was by my fellow party members and DM…

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