Boss Rush Banter: Should Adults Outgrow Video Games?

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For many years, there was this concept that video games cater only to the young, but despite popular belief, the gaming industry is an ever-evolving one, attracting people of all ages.

Does anyone recall the long-standing history of video games? “The Brown Box” was created in 1967 by Sanders Associates. It was licensed to Magnavox, giving birth to the first console, the Odyssey. While that didn’t last, one of its 28 games inspired the more famous Pong on the Atari system.

Various milestones in gaming were made in the following decades, including the launch of the first third-party game developer, Activision, and games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey-Kong (where Mario got his start!). The industry really took shape when Nintendo created the NES along with long-standing franchises like Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and Legend of Zelda.

From the surface, it seems that these older games were…

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