Boss Rush Banter: Is the Notion of Console Wars a Dated Idea?

The Boss Rush Network

Console Wars documentary

Console Wars have been around since the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment system and the SEGA Master System. Back then the two involved companies would have friendly jabs at each other and nothing more.

It was a way for the two companies to show their customers that they chose the right console, and for good reason. Especially back in those days as gaming was more expensive, and rare to find someone with two consoles, so it made more sense for these battles as way of defending one’s console choice.

What about now, are console wars still important? Back then the console wars were important, because without the marketing campaigns of the console wars, SEGA may have never been the company it is today. These days console wars aren’t as important as they once were. Sure, these ‘wars’ are fought daily on the Twitter battlefield, but their…

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